Promotional Products to Enhance Brand Recognition

promotional productsPromotional products pack a huge punch in terms of boosting your marketing potential. Just listen to some data from a 2012 study by market research firm BPMA:

  • Just over half (56%) of the study participants claimed that they had a more positive impression of a company after they received a promo product with the brand name on it.
  • Almost all participants (a whopping 87%!) said they kept promotional products for over a year.
  • 79% of participants said they would do business again with companies who use promotional products as an advertising medium.
  • Finally, 66% of participants said they can recall brand names that are placed on promo items.

This last point is probably the most compelling from BPMA’s study relating to promotional products.  Australian businesses can see immense potential in their ROI when using these items.  And people will remember your brand much more effectively (with products that stay in their homes for a long time).

Promotional Products for Getting Your Brand Message Out There

promotional products

So the logical question in response to this information is simple: ‘How can I take advantage of promotional products for my own marketing campaign?’

Follow these tips to improve your own physical marketing campaign and see how easy you can implement this into what you’re already doing.

  • Choose Quality Every Time

promotional products

Here’s a case study about why saving a few dollars may cost you more. Company X wanted to place their logo and number of plastic coffee mugs to distribute to offices. Unfortunately for them, they opted for the cheapest, lowest quality product company to print their logo on the mugs.

The mugs worked just fine – and endured over the years. However, the logo itself wore off after just one wash. The material that printed the logo did not adhere very well to the mug itself. So what did this leave for potential Company X customers? A bunch of plastic coffee mugs with worn off company logos.

Let this case study serve as a lesson: don’t opt for the cheapest deal. You can get high quality promotional products like coffee mugs or silicone wristbands that can also come at a highly affordable price. As always, do your homework and make sure you’re going with a reputable company.

  • Invest in Utility Over Novelty

Sometimes we can all get overwhelmed by the ‘wow’ factor of some novelty item. These may have that initial pop, but what happens to these types of products over the course of even just a few days? The novelty will wear off. And once that novelty wears off, people will stop using these products and seeing your brand, logo, website URL, phone number, etc.

Opt for truly useful items when it comes to your promotional products. Items like cups, wristbands, tote bags and other similar products will endure in terms of their use. And that means you’ll enjoy continued exposure of your brand/logo to people who appreciate these products in their lives.

  • Don’t Overdo It

promotional products

Finally, you want to make sure to keep the label itself easy to see and not too overwhelming for your audience. Some companies try to pack in as much as possible in every promotional product they give to the public. They want lines and lines of text, information, slogans and everything in between.

Of course, what does this much information really do for you if it’s printed on a pencil? It’s not as helpful as many business owners might think.

When you’re branding on promotional products, opt for the mantra of ‘less is more.’ Sometimes all you need is your logo and URL. For smaller items, you might even just need the name of your company. Think about what your customers need to direct them to your company.  Now focus on those components instead of overwhelming them with an information overload.

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