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  • Fabric & Tyvek Wristbands Make Your Event Fun and Colourful

    tyvek wristbands, music festival, summerWho would have thought that a simple fabric or tyvek wristband could provide so much to an event? These simple but versatile accessories make running your event easy, while also helping to establish a solid brand identity for your organisation. Oh, and they look great as well!

    Read on to find out more about why your event needs Handband's fabric and tyvek wristbands.

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  • A Fluorescent Halloween: 5 Reasons Why Glow in the Dark Silicone Wristbands are Perfect for Halloween

    custom silicone wristbandsHalloween is almost upon us, which means it is party time. Few times of year lend themselves so perfectly to a good old fashioned knees-up as Halloween, with its tricks and treats, its scary costumes, and the general feeling that literally anything could happen.If you are planning on throwing a Halloween party this year, be sure to remember one thing;  glow in the dark custom silicone wristbands! No party can be without these neat accessories this Halloween party season. Still not convinced? Here are five reasons that cannot fail to change your mind.

    1. They Turn the Fun Factor up a Notch

    Everyone loves a bit of neon, and a party isn’t a party unless people are having fun. Glow in the dark silicone wristbands are a surefire way to raise the fun factor at a Halloween party, particularly if you’re planning to hold an event outdoors.

    Your guests will have great fun with these customisable, versatile and brightly coloured silicone wristbands which can be used to adorn any costume.

    2. They are Safe for Kids

    You don’t want to exclude anyone at your Halloween party, so you need to make sure that the kids can join in the fun too. Fortunately, the design and structure of our glow in the dark hand bands make them robust enough to stand up to the worst your kids can throw at them.

    What’s more, the non-toxic fluorescent fluid ensures that these cool party accessories are safe for your kids to use, giving you one less thing to worry about.

    3. They Can Even Help to Keep Kids Safe

    In fact, glow in the dark hand bands can actively help to keep your kids safe at a party. With lots of people of all ages, shapes and sizes buzzing around your party, it can be difficult to keep track of your little ones. This holds particularly true if the party is held after dark (like all the best Halloween gatherings).

    Custom fluorescent silicone wristbands are a solution to this problem, providing a handy portable light source that helps you keep your eye on your kids as they enjoy themselves at the party. Obviously, a glow in the dark wristband is no substitute for supervising your kids closely during a party, but they certainly make doing so a great deal easier!

    4. They are a Great Way to Unify Your Party

    Halloween parties tend to be slapdash affairs when it comes to themed costumes. Sure, there is a general, loose theme (everyone is supposed to be scary). But beyond that, nothing. So how can you bring those zombie pirates, Jack Skellingtons, feline witches and Harry Potters a little closer together?

    Adorn them with some glow in the dark hand bands of course! Fluorescent bands help your party guests to retain the individuality and the creativity of their costumes while also enjoying the communal and unifying party spirit. A rule of thumb; the more hand bands you opt to use, the better!

    5. Silicone Wristbands are Affordable

    Throwing a Halloween party can be an expensive affair, so any method by which you can keep costs down is going to be a welcome one.  Customised glow in the dark silicone wristbands are a great way to achieve this. Cheap, durable and great fun, this is one aspect of your party that certainly does not need to cost the earth.

    Have you turned your Halloween bash into a neon rave using fluorescent hand bands? Maybe you opted to throw in some fluorescent paint or some flashing glow sticks? Get in touch and let us know how it all went down with your custom wristbands.  For something completely different and still kid focused, head on over to Handband's blog about maths wristbands.

  • How the Wristband Became a Marketing Success Story

    wristbandThe humble wristband as a fashion accessory is nothing new. People have been wearing bangles, ribbons and bracelets on their wrists in the name of style for thousands of years, and some bright spark even had the innovative idea of attaching a miniature clock to a wristband so that people could tell the time on the move.

    But it is only relatively recently that the potential of the wristband as a marketing tool has received widespread recognition. Nowadays, the wristband is a prime piece of marketing merchandise, and not something that should be overlooked by any enterprising businesspeople who want to raise the profile of their brand. But how did this happen, and what makes the wristband so useful to marketers? Continue reading

  • Awareness Bracelets Fight Heading to Supreme Court

    awareness bracelets
    EASTON, Pa. -- A Pennsylvania school district says it will take its fight against "I (heart) Boobies!" awareness bracelets to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    The Easton Area School District board voted 7-1 Tuesday night to appeal a decision rejecting its claim the awareness bracelets are lewd and should be banned from school.

    The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals also determined the district didn't prove the awareness bracelets are disruptive when it upheld a lower court's decision in August.

    The silicone wristbands  are designed to promote breast cancer awareness among young people. Two girls challenged the school's ban in 2010.

    Superintendent John Reinhart tells The Express-Times of Easton the ruling compromised administrators' ability to determine what is and is not appropriate in school.

    Dissenting board member Frank Pintabone says the district should let the matter go. The Easton Area School District board voted 7-1 Tuesday night to appeal a decision rejecting its claim the awareness bracelets are lewd and should be banned from school.

    The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals also determined the district didn't prove the bracelets are disruptive Continue reading

  • Reflective Wristbands helping keep pupils safe this winter

    Reflective wristbandsA DEVELOPER has teamed up with a town school to keep pupils safe during the winter months.

    McCarthy & Stone, the UK’s leading retirement developer, has donated 250 reflective wristbands to children at St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Ombersley Way.

    The wristbands are to help raise awareness of road safety and to make pupils more visible to passing motorists during busy rush hour conditions.

    Headteacher from St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Miranda Gibbs, said: “We actively encourage our pupils to walk to and from school; it’s a great way to keep healthy and active and reduces road congestion. However, many are now finding themselves doing their journey in the dark, Continue reading

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