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  • Introducing Multibandz. Succeed in Maths AND have Fun!

    It’s never been easy getting kids to learn their multiplication and division tables, until multibandz.

    It wasn’t easy when we were kids. There were outdoor activities and other things vying for our attention. While there were far fewer television options then, the TV was still there to distract us.

    Today it’s even tougher to get kids to focus on their studies when they are out of the classroom, with smartphones, tablets, and television all stealing kids' attention.

    Not only has it not been easy, but it was also usually drudgery, too. In the old days, it was tables written on a chalkboard, flash cards, and rote memorisation from reciting them in class. It was similar to a trip to the dentist – a lot of teeth pulling – and almost as much fun.

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  • Know your times tables? What’s 7x8? 6x9?

    multibandz maths learning wristbandsIf you’re a certain age… you probably learned your math times tables by rote.  Good old repetition.  But how do your kids learn today? And is it ‘getting into their heads’ as best it can?

    What a lot of schools (and parents) are doing today is using the mnemonic trick of a multibandz time table wristband. Each band runs through a times table and the child simply refers to that every time they want the answer. When it’s all sunk in, they move up to the next band. Because it’s a reward, young children strive to learn the table and move up. They love collecting the bands and they love trying to remember their times tables. Our orders from schools are increasing dramatically because they’ve found that the system works. Continue reading

  • Have you seen AIDA?

    silicone wristbands for aida Attention Interest Desire Action As an Opera it’s undoubtedly good – but we’re really talking about the marketing model. It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.  Handband silicone wristbands as a promotional tool in your marketing arsenal do the Attention and Interest part of the equation.

    A series of silicone wristbands that you’ve personalised with your company logo and tagline act as a reminder and an attention-getter for people seeing it on someone’s wrist. Because the colours and graphics are eye-catching people are happy to wear their silicone wristbands and act as your unofficial billboard. Continue reading

  • Tyvek Wristbands. What are they used for?

    tyvek wristbands, paper wristbands, tyvekThe uses for tyvek wristbands are as wide-ranging as you'd probably expect. Let's look at a few recent ways people used tyvek wristbands. Continue reading

  • Event wristbands from Handband

    event wristbandsAre you running an event anytime soon with a large number of people? Perhaps you have a door policy to be enforced or different levels of food and drink service to cater for? Or maybe you're just running a teenager's 18th party and you want a degree of control over the attendees!

    Handband can help in every instance with our Tyvek single use event wristbands or our Food and drink token bands. They're both single use even wristbands that simply wrap around wrists and stay there come what may until you remove them with scissors.

    They're easy to hand out, easy to place on the wrist and the multiple colours let you designate the who and how of controlling the function. Staff can see at a glance who's 'invited' and who's not. Continue reading

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