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Know your times tables? What’s 7x8? 6x9?

multibandz maths learning wristbandsIf you’re a certain age… you probably learned your math times tables by rote.  Good old repetition.  But how do your kids learn today? And is it ‘getting into their heads’ as best it can?

What a lot of schools (and parents) are doing today is using the mnemonic trick of a multibandz time table wristband. Each band runs through a times table and the child simply refers to that every time they want the answer. When it’s all sunk in, they move up to the next band. Because it’s a reward, young children strive to learn the table and move up. They love collecting the bands and they love trying to remember their times tables. Our orders from schools are increasing dramatically because they’ve found that the system works. If you are a school, or even a parent, who wants a really simple way of getting kids to learn while having fun, this is it. (The principle is called ‘gamification’ by the way – where people learn as they have fun, and it’s a very powerful concept.)

The silicone we use is food grade, very hard wearing and amazingly flexible. They stay on the child’s wrist, yet are easy to get on and off. They won’t catch awkwardly and are perfectly safe to wear for days on end. They’re waterproof, sunproof and rough and tumble proof. Perfect!

Contact us at Handband and we'll show you how many schools have successfully used handbands – to create a learning experience that makes times tables easy!

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