‘I’m bored Mum’ … (Hint: Handbands help)

handband custom silicone wristbands…and other variations on the theme are all you’re hearing these school holidays already no doubt!  We are the money tree, the entertainment officer and the chef all rolled into one (glorious) package.

But seriously, what can you do with the kids these school holidays?



  • Check your local council website – they all have a list of things, ranging from library sessions to supervised tours of this and that for different age groups. It’s a great resource that you should not be overlooked, and often-times is free.
  • Can you organise a local nanny to do a week long baking and easy meals session with a group in some kind mum’s kitchen (and split the cost of ingredients etc across 6 families). The kid’s learn cooking basics and you get some relief and some great cooking to boot.
  • The local swimming pool often runs week long swim and play sessions at good value prices. Outdoor fun, plus kids off your hands and a good life lesson into the bargain.

Handbands Can Help

Get the kids doing various chores around the house and reward them with handbands in all manner of shapes, sizes and messages. The silicone we use is food grade, very hard wearing and completely safe. You’ll be amazed at the variety we have and they’re cheap as chips for those holiday rewards!  It's never too early or too late to start the kids helping out around the house.

What are your kids into at the moment?  Create custom silicone handbands with your kids favourite sayings and current pass times - they'll love wearing them!  Or you could create dog tags, key chains, etc ... the ideas are limitless.

Contact us at Handband and we'll show you how parents and activity groups use handbands – to create a fun reward and goal oriented holiday activities!

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