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  • Multibandz from Handband reviewed by Dadzclub

    Pros:   Educational, Fun

    Cons:    None!

    Describe Yourself:    Parent of Two or More

    Bottom Line:   Yes, I would recommend to a friend

    My kids love collecting friendship bands and need help learning their times tables at school - these bandz! are the perfect products. Use them as a reward system if you like or simply get your child to wear one a week like we did to learn the times table with a treat at the end. Its amazing how this drives your child to learn the times table just to get on to the next band. Really clever idea and you can see why schools are keen to use them.  Very good. 5/5 Continue reading

  • Michael Randall releases Mediband that can have allergies written on it

    A MOSMAN resident had a good reaction to allergies.

    Michael Randall had noticed that children with life-threatening conditions or allergies were reluctant to wear the traditional metal medical bracelets usually worn by older people.

    So he came up with a colourful, lightweight design that appeals to both children and adults.

    The bands are designed to warn people of the wearer's adverse health reaction to foods like peanuts and shellfish, or as an alert to conditions like diabetes, epilepsy and asthma. Continue reading

  • National Day of Action Against Bullying & Violence

    Friday 18 March 2011 is the Australian National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. Schools are encouraged to hold activities to raise awareness of anti-bullying initiatives in their school communities. Read about it at the official website.

    Handband are proud to support the Anti-Bullying movement and have made 'Say No to Bullying' bands in the distinct orange colour.

    Purchase them today on our website for fundraising and awareness events!

  • Mediband Case Study: Medibands Help Bring First Aid Training to Life!

    Richard Lloyd of DR ABCD First Aid Training uses Medibands® and other medical alert items in the ‘role playing’ that he introduces into his first aid classes as he feels they play an important role in reinforcing a number of key skills for his students.

    “Before people come to our one-day courses, they have already spent time studying the theory online and they have passed the theory assessment component of our courses,” Mr Lloyd commented.

    “Whilst we recognise that knowing the theory is an important part of first aid training, it can be a lot easier to answer questions on paper than it is to put into practice what you have learnt and in doing so, learn by your mistakes and successes.”

    Richard and his colleagues use their first aid training classes to effectively ‘bring to life’ the essentials of first aid training by giving students different scenarios which they must enact in order to learn how best to apply their first aid skills.

    “We create lots of really challenging, tricky situations for our students. Each scenario is designed to test them and show them how they can apply the theory that they have learned and in doing so, show themselves that they can do it.”

    Continue reading

  • Telstra hearts Mediband

    To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Telstra is letting customers post messages of love to the gigantic LED billboard on their Bourke Street store in Melbourne. Each message stays on screen for about 15 seconds.

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