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Binder bands are a great giveaway at your event. They’re the ultimate in handy little giveaways because they’re so useful. People protect their phones by wrapping them around the casing. They use them to attach credit cards to the phone and carry just one package around. Businesses use them to package materials together for conference events. A raft of variable elements can be gathered together and held in place by the flexible, versatile band. Presenters use them as presentation aids and end-of-session giveaways.

Silicone is a great product to use because it bends, it melds and it stretches yet it’s super-strong and safe to use. Our products make great giveaways because they last a long time and put up with all sorts of punishment from the casual user. Your brand and the band remain intact!

And you can personalise them – give us enough time (a few days) and we’ll put your logo and a tagline or message on the binder.

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