Fabric & Tyvek Wristbands Make Your Event Fun and Colourful

tyvek wristbands, music festival, summerWho would have thought that a simple fabric or tyvek wristband could provide so much to an event? These simple but versatile accessories make running your event easy, while also helping to establish a solid brand identity for your organisation. Oh, and they look great as well!

Read on to find out more about why your event needs Handband's fabric and tyvek wristbands.

Easy Management

Are you serving alcohol at your event? Are you offering weekend passes as well as day passes, or VIP tickets which allow enhanced access? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need some method of telling the attendees apart.

The problem with tickets is that they can easily get lost or damaged, and if you have large numbers of people at your event, all of whom are fumbling for tickets and passes every time they go to the bar or pass a checkpoint, this is going to lead to annoying queues and bottlenecks. This is where Handband's fabric or tyvek wristbands come in handy; these simple and stylish solutions enable your event staff to quickly and effectively check the age or access level of an attendee, eliminating any of the above hassles.

They are also more difficult to fake than a paper ticket or pass, and are tricky to remove and re-attach. Through the introduction of Handbands, you have managed to eradicate fraud in one easy swoop. Time to give yourself a pat on the back!

A Stylish Keep Sake

Festivals and events experienced an explosion in popularity in the mid-00s, and that wave is showing no sign of breaking. This led to a culture in which event attendees would keep their fabric bands attached to their wrist for the summer and beyond, building up a colourful collection and displaying their musical interests proudly on their arms.

tyvek wristbands, music festival, summer

Handbands enable your event to tap into this cultural phenomenon, providing punters with a stylish keep sake that will remind them of the great times they had there. When people leave your event, they are raising the prominence of your organisation, mixing with your target audience and passing on information to them. You can’t buy this kind of advertising, and the Handband that they will be wearing only enhances the power of this kind of word of mouth approach.

Strong Identity

For an event to be a success it needs a strong brand identity, something which can be directly related to striking visual imagery and an instantly recognisable aesthetic. Handband's fabric and tyvek wristbands are not simply a way to achieve this, they represent one of the most effective methods of developing an individual and unique branding for an event.

Through custom designs and tailored colours and patterns, we can work with you to develop a Handband that truly reflects the identity of your event. This can include anything and everything, ranging from the names and logos that you want to display, the partnerships and alliances that you wish to form with other brands, imagery relating to the ethos and atmosphere you are trying to build or even just developing the colour schemes you want to associate with your event. When building a brand identity, the possibilities of the humble fabric and tyvek Handband are almost endless.

So, the question is, how will your Handbands enhance your guests' experience of your event? There’s only one way to find out. Get in touch with our team today and start creating a unique identity for your event.

Have you used Handbands at an event in the past? How did it improve the overall experience? Don’t forget to get in contact and let us know, and send us some pictures if you can!


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