The Power of Custom Wristbands & Other Promo Products in Business Marketing

marketing success with custom wristbands

When you search for ‘business marketing’ or any related phrase on Google or Bing, what are you most likely to find out there? In nine out of ten cases, you’ll probably see services, agencies and all sorts of websites and companies focusing on Internet marketing services. And that’s obviously where you should focus a lot of your efforts for your own campaign.

But if you stop your ad strategies right at the online/social media front, here’s a news flash for you: you’re missing out on a huge potential in your overall marketing success. Can you guess what that missing component is for your campaign? If you answered ‘promotional products’ – Congratulations, you’re 100% correct.

Promotional products and related face-time with your customers all boils down to promotional marketing (or Promo Marketing). Many people assume that physical promotional marketing is dead because of the Internet. But the truth is far, far different.

In fact, Promo Marketing still serves as an incredibly powerful tool within any advertising campaign – even your own. Products like custom wristbands, hats, lanyards or even just T-shirts can have an enduring and measurable impact on your brand’s awareness, visibility and public access. And all it takes is a small amount of work on your end to see these results in action.

A Glimpse at the Power of Promo Marketing

custom wristbands

Let’s have a look at what Promo Marketing will do when properly integrated into your own campaign:

  • Physical Products Endure, Ads Don’t.

Do you remember the last commercial you watched on television, YouTube or Hulu? What about the last banner ad you saw displayed on a website? That’s part of the problem with online or TV-based marketing. It’s extremely difficult to make an impact. The people who truly succeed on these fronts are true masters of their collective craft.

Now, look down at your wrist or what’s on your shirt. It’s a lot easier to remember a product name or website on a custom wristband or hat because of the enduring quality of these types of products. For many marketers, that’s a much better ROI than any commercial or banner ad through Internet marketing.

  • Your Potential (and Current) Customers Literally Wear an Ad for You.

When you hand out custom wristbands, tees and similar items, you’re giving away ad space that people will wear. They’re taking your brand, website, phone number and related information into their homes, out on the street and in all sorts of places that other strategies will never reach.

  • You Don’t Have to Do Much Work to Spread the Word.

You can meet people at convention or other events to hand out merchandise. You can pass out promotional items at charity events you sponsor. You could even just have products for people at the front desk of your business. The bottom line is that you’re not working to move your brand-related promotional products. They move themselves because other people wear them and use them.

Standing Out with Promo Marketing

stand out from the crowd with custom wristbands

The beauty of Promo Marketing with physical objects like custom wristbands is that they do almost all of the work foryou. Your job is to get them out to people. From there, they spread the word about your brand, website and anything in between.

Best of all, many items like silicone wristbands are typically high quality and inexpensive when your order them in bulk. That means you can achieve even greater success with a campaign without blowing through your budget.

In the end, don’t neglect the physical side of your advertising. It could give your marketing the shot in the arm it needs to really get your business moving.

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