That dreaded word... fundraiser!

We've all heard it, whether you're in a sporting club or at the local primary. Every institution needs to raise funds and if you're over the cake stall, maybe it's time to try a few new ideas.  How about bricks and pavers? If you're raising for a special building project at the club or school, have each family buy a brick or paver they can also inscribe with their name. The bigger the donation, the bigger the brick(s).

A little pleasure for your monetary pain? Oh yes! How about a winery tour for your school or club; have two!  It's a painless way to have a great day out and raise money at the same time. The idea is to have all the work done for you, basically. All you want to do is pay a little extra top fund whatever it is and then enjoy the day of bonding, fine wine and pleasant company.

We can't forget  handbands of course.  Sell them, give them away in appreciation of an event, use them as identifiers in your fun run, distribute as part of a table-top giveaway at your trivia night, use as prizes for the kids - the possibilities are up to you.

Tattoos - the street cred for your event just went up two notches and you don't have to live with the consequences. Sell the wash-on wash-off tattoos at the evening - even as a condition of getting in, sell them to kids at school on a Friday afternoon, sell them at your bbq sports club fundraiser. They're fun and you make a big deal out of it to entice people in. Just don't go the whole hog...

Birds have all the fun...


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