5 neat ideas for your handband!!

Out and about? Ever been to a huge event with thousands of people with your little kids... and worried about what happens if you get separated? A handband with your child's name and your phone number will be a big help to police or event security or
the kindly stranger who stops to help. (Yes, yes, we know - never let your child leave your sight - but distractions happen, kids take off, stuff happens!)

 Get 'em for your team! Nothing says support like your team name and season on the wrist of every player and what a great way to reinforce the club colours (handbands are available in a huge range of colours). And if you win the championships... what a great way to keep the memory alive, with a band for everyone in the team celebrating the fact.

Learn your maths? This one's for the teachers out there.  These brilliant little Multibandz help the kids learn their times tables. Start at 1x and wear a different one each week as they go up to 12x. Makes for the perfect memory pick-me-up and mum and dad can give it a push too.

Collect them, share them, wear them. What a great idea for a little girl's birthday party. Hand out the  Jellybandz as part of the party pack and let them enjoy swapping for different colours, building up a wrist-full of excitement. There are Zoo Animals, Western, Sea Creatures and more to choose from

Does your company have an event coming up? A large seminar, a trade show exhibit, or a road show? Use handbands to get your product name and branding out there. Stick 'em on your giveaways table, hand them out to enquirers or put them in your takeaway show bag. They act as a good mnemonic track and keep your brand out there for months long after the show has faded.

For all the sports nuts... here's how it's done...

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jltrSyF7A0s']
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