Social Media for Brand Expansion

social media for brand expansionOver the past several years, brands have started to use social media to reach new customers. They use Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms as powerful marketing tools. They're great ways to spread brand awareness and engage their customers. So, if you're curious how to use social media for brand expansion, read on.


If you're selling or marketing a certain product, you want to quickly connect to groups of customers. This will help you get your brand out there so it's visible. You can combine offline marketing with your social campaign with an awareness tool like Handband. Create bracelets with your logo or brand motto and talk about them on Facebook. Tech-savvy people call this technique demand generation. You will create more interest in your brand in a fun way.

Facebook makes this easy by allowing brands to make brand pages, such as Handband's Facebook page. You can also make groups that connect to your brand's page. These groups let you narrow down your customers and promote your brand to a core group of people. Also, you can buy sponsored ads to reach more people.


Customers love brands that engage with them. Posting videos on YouTube is a fast way to get audience engagement. You can use this video platform to showcase your product and its personality. Give your brand a face and humanise it. You could post videos of customers using your product. Finally, how-to videos are also helpful.


social media instagramThere's no denying the power of photographs and brand awareness. With a promotional product like HandBand, you can create user generated campaigns on Instagram. For example, encourage customers to post pictures of themselves wearing your logo or company motto on a bracelet, t-shirt, or coffee mug. You can even turn it into a contest for the best photo.

You can invite your audience to take pictures of themselves with your product and share it. You'll start to reach more and more people as you network and your customers share more pictures and stories. In turn, you can see your sales go up as your brand gains popularity.  For inspiration, take a look at Handband's Instagram feed.


Finally, Twitter is another popular marketing tool. Using hashtags, you can quickly find like-minded groups of people to network with. So, if you're promoting your brand, it's another opportunity to build audience engagement. Talk to your audience and have question and answer sessions. Anything you can do to make your customers notice your brand in a positive way helps.

No matter which social media platform you choose to use or if you choose to use them all, they can all be powerful marketing tools. With the right direction and a relatable product, you have the perfect recipe for strong customer engagement and brand loyalty.

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