THOUSANDS of people are now sporting wristbands in memory of a teenager killed in a motorbike crash.

The multi-coloured bands have helped raise thousands of pounds towards a memorial for Joseph Took.

Nathan Goligy organised the wristband tribute as a permanent reminder of his close friend, Joe, aged 18, who died after a motorcycle crash in Abbey Road, Barrow, in February.

Since receiving an initial order of 400 bands a fortnight ago, Mr Goligy has since ordered and sold a further 1,400.

A tribute night was held in memory of Mr Took on Thursday night.

And Mr Goligy said he was overwhelmed with demands for the wristbands at the event.

He said: “They are selling like hot cakes.

“I must have taken a couple of hundred pounds last night alone.

“As soon as I got there people were flocking over to me asking about the wristbands.

“I sold loads of them.

“I didn’t expect them to sell that quickly. People have been very happy with them, some buying two or three at a time.

“There has been a really good response to them.

“People have treated in the same respect I did, that the bands are a permanent reminder of Joe.

“I’m really chuffed with the amount that I’ve sold.”

Another 2,000 of the wristbands are on the way to Mr Goligy.

The wristbands feature the words “RIP Joe Took” and also his date of birth and death.

The bands are available at Taste Buds, in Duke Street, Teatro’s, in Cavendish Street, R and T Music, in Dalkeith Street, Angling and Hiking, in Rawlinson Street, the Crows Nest pub, in Ferry Road and the Blue Lamp pub in Crellin Street, all in Barrow.

Mr Goligy and Mr Took’s dad, David Took, will be selling the bands in Morrisons supermarket later this month, as well as setting up a stall in Barrow market.

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