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How do others use Handbands?

How Do You Use Your Handband

Kirby Swim is a recent customer and we asked them what they used our rubber bracelets for - and we thought the answer was genius! Each week various kids go up a grade or achieve something in the school and Kirby had various bands printed with the name of the new grade to reward the kids with tangible proof of their achievements that they can wear with pride - and show grandma! They also printed a number of safety messages so they could hand out bands over the summer break to remind their much-loved clients of water safety protocols.

A number of schools use our Time Tables handbands to help their junior students learn the times tables. Beats the repetition of our day! Kids are given a time table band to help them throughout the week and by constantly referring to it slowly imprint the times table in their brains. It's also seen as a reward as, the more they learn, the more bands they get.

Do you run a bar or function centre? A number of clients use single-use Tyvek bands to identify guests for different functions in the same venue or different levels of VIP at the same function. They're water resistant, quick to apply and easy for busy wait or bar staff to identify.

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