Fabric Wristbands for a Summer to Remember

fabric wristbands

As the weather turns warmer and we see the festival season approaching, you may be wondering how branded fabric wristbands can he
lp you to maximise the marketing potential of your outdoor event.
You may not know it, but branded wristbands can be an extremely useful marketing tool. They are an effective means of broadcasting your message, displaying your slogan, or otherwise communicating whatever marketing message your organisation wishes to spread. And aside from being a powerful visual marketing tool, fabric wristband bracelets also boast other benefits, making them the obvious choice for your event. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits now:

Fabric Wristbands Are Durable and Affordable

Fabric wristbands are actually very durable, making them the perfect choice of wristband for outdoor events such as festivals – where the wearers are likely to be moving around a lot, dancing, and exposed to the elements. They fasten securely to the wrist, and will remain there for the duration of the event (and oftentimes long after the event too!)

Here at Handband, we offer plenty of different options to suit individual needs. Choose from non-locking or barrel-locking designs (for that added bit of security) in an array of different and fully customisable colours and designs!

Aside from being fully customisable and durable, our fabric wristbands are also relatively inexpensive. They are perfect for your business or organisation if you are looking for a cheap but effective way of broadcasting your marketing message or advertising your brand. Our wristbands are also not-toxic and totally safe for everyone who wears them.

They Can Be Kept as a Memento

Funky colours and fresh designs can give fabric wristbands an edge, and the rise in charity and support wristbands in fashion means that they are totally on-trend! Also, the fact t
hat these wristbands are eye-catching and unique (not to mention they can display the name and date of the event or festival) means that those wearing them are likely to keep them as a memento.

This means even greater exposure of your event’s message even after the event has finished. Those attending the event are likely to keep wearing the wristband, or otherwise keep the band as a souvenir in some way. Hence, fabric wristband bracelets provide you with perpetual exposure for just one upfront cost!


Fabric Wristbands Are the Perfect Choice for Securing Your Event

Fabric wristband bracelets are the perfect way to secure your event – whether it be an indoor conference or an outdoor festival – by providing attendees' identification. They are discreet, comfortable, and above all secure! Fabric wristband bracelets succeed where lanyard passes, hand stamps, and good old-fashioned ticket stubs fall short, because they fasten securely to the wearer’s wrist without any danger of falling off or becoming lost.

In addition, fabric wristbands can be easily colour-coordinated – with a wealth of different options available if yfabric wristbandsou require similar wristbands at your event to show different levels of security (access to restricted areas or VIP areas for example). Choose from fabric, woven fabric, or cloth – in an array of different colours and designs. Or, if you want to go that one step further, why not create a custom wristband for your event? The choice of colours, shapes, and sizes along with the ability to personalise your message and logo is second to none.

Whatever your event, we’ll help you to brand it professionally, affordably, and securely. Check out our fabric wristband options now, and see how we can help bring your event (and message) to life.

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