7 Reasons Why Students LOVE Custom Silicone Wristbands

custom silicone wristbands by handbandThe custom silicone wristbands revolution began with Livestrong wristbands. These bright yellow bracelets showed support for people affected by cancer. Today, they're more than just a cool way to support certain causes or charities. They’re functional yet trendy fashion accessories. They're often used as “tickets” to special events and festivals as well!

Funky wristbands are everywhere you look. So it wasn’t long before people realised you can use them to convey just about ANY message. They come in all styles. Embossed, debossed, ultra-wide, skinny, one colour, multi-coloured, large or small. These days you can even print them with a custom logo and message!

Kids of all ages are already wearing dozens of silicone wristbands One of the best places to use them is in schools! There are tons of customisable options available. So how you decide to use silicone, Tyvek or Vinyl bracelets is up to you. But if you're looking for inspiration, here are a few great ideas!

Grade and/or class information

custom silicone wristbands by handband

Personalised custom silicone wristbands from Handband are essentially mini-message boards. Attach them to a backpack, clip them to a belt or even thread them onto a students shoes! They're an amazing way to remind kids of their teacher’s name and class number. If your school provides student transport, they're also great for remembering bus numbers.

By using different coloured wristbands for each, a single glance reveals which grade a student is in. You can make this one glance information even MORE detailed. Simply use two tone bracelets or different shades of the same colour to show a student’s specific class!

School trip Custom Silicone Wristbands

School trip or after school care wristbands provide an additional aspect of safety for students of all ages. These are simple wristbands with your school name and emergency contact details printed on them. Worrying that one of your group will get lost is normal. But if it happens, good Samaritans can simply call the number on the wristband to reunite you! The wristbands also make it easy to spot your students among dozens!

Some schools may choose to use custom Tyvek bands for each and every trip. Other schools may find reusable custom silicone bracelets suitable for any trip more cost effective. Either one works well and both are seriously affordable!

Special rewards Custom Silicone Wristbands

Silicone hand bands also make for a great way to reward students for their achievements. And, because they’re trendy, kids are excited about showing them off to everyone! There can be individual class awards such as “Maths Genius”. Or wristbands for honour roll students. Others for great attendance records. And, even wristbands for non-scholarly achievements such as “Respect”, “Responsibility” or “Bravery”.

custom silicone wristbands by handband

Students who do well at a particular sport or after school activity can also get bracelets. These can say “Soccer Star”, “Tennis Ace”, “Little Picasso” and so forth. You can also use these funky bracelets to reward students for improving their reading, math skills or fitness levels. There can also be special awards for children who collect certain amounts of each bracelet!  These silicone wristbands with the times table engraved on them are known as Multibandz.

Medical conditions

custom silicone wristbands by handbandWhen you have hundreds of students it can be difficult to keep track of every child’s medical information. Some children suffer from diabetes. Other students have epilepsy. A few are allergic to peanuts and others are deathly allergic to bees. Custom silicone wristbands are wonderful Medic Alert bracelets that kids wouldn’t mind wearing. And it's less likely that they'll lose them!

Use either simple clipart images or a short line of text. For example, a bee or peanut for allergies works well. With these, teachers, fellow students, medical personnel and even a passer-by will know what to do in an emergency! You can also use Tyvek wristbands to let parents know about accidents such as falls on the playground. These work better than letters that just get misplaced!

Sports and other afterschool programs

Custom wristbands from Handband are a great way to promote team spirit. No matter what sport or after school activity children are participating in! You can take this one step further. Simply use different shades or multi-coloured custom silicone wristbands for individual teams or ability levels!

These team spirit wristbands are also a great fundraising tool. It is one that both students or local businesses can join in. Simply get everyone to sell your custom wristbands to parents and the local community! The costs of any custom silicone wristbands can be subsidised by adding local businesses' logos or information to the inside.

Fundraising efforts

custom silicone wristbands by handband tyvek wristbands

Team spirit wristbands are just one of the fundraising possibilities custom silicone wristbands offer. There are literally no limits with them. These bands are great no matter what your school supports. Red Ribbon Week, Breast Cancer Month, Earth Hour, National Water Week, the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, or any other local or international causes!

Print wristbands with your school logo, other local business logos and any motivational message you like. Then sell them within the community and even to supporters in other states or overseas! Tyvek wristbands with serial numbers also happen to make great raffle tickets. These double as funky short term fashion accessories that become lifetime keepsakes!

Interactive features

While custom wristbands for schools are usually Tyvek or silicone, there are almost no limits to the types you could use. Or what you can do with them! QR codes add an interactive feature to your wristbands. Send visitors to a gallery, an information page or straight to a competition/raffle/donation sign up page!

These days, you also can get RFID silicone bracelets that provide a wide range of interactive features. One of them is making things like check-ins or roll call simple. RFID bracelets work really well as a library card. You could use them as cafeteria “credit cards.” This way, students won’t have to carry cash. And you could top these up from anywhere!

Today, you can even get custom silicone wristbands with a built in flash drive. It can be preloaded with school material such as assignments, learning material, school calendars and school brochures. Or students can just use it in their everyday schoolwork.

So, if you would like some custom silicone or Tyvek wristbands for your pupils; explore our site or contact us today to learn out more about the many custom wristband options we have to offer!

If safety is an issue at your school or you simply want to improve it, find out how School Safety Starts with Identification when it comes to school safety.

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