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What are you doing this Easter?

Handband Easter

If you're in the Sydney Convicts Rugby Club, you're probably practising and gearing up for another winning season. As Australia's first gay Rugby Union club they've been playing in the international Bingham Cup since 2004 and they've taken home a major trophy twice. They use handbands to raise awareness for the club and their bid to bring the Bingham down under in 2014. The beauty of Easter down under is having four whole days to DO SOMETHING! How about a little trip to Christchurch and check out how some pretty amazing people are rebuilding their CBD, one shipping container at a time.  Looks pretty cool to us. Or, try Hobart. Not only is this big little city of 400,000 got some of the best restaurants in the country at the moment, it's also got MONA - the Museum of Old and New. This is beyond cool. The best way to get to the Museum is up the Derwent. You arrive at the modern wharf and clamber up the museum which is buried back into the sandstone cliffs. The building is amazing, the exhibits thought-provoking, and the food sublime. Stay onsite in one of the pavilion rooms. Fundraising? Raising awareness? Want a cool way to market your event? Check out what we have in store at handband - they're inexpensive, you can print (almost) anything and they are simple for people to use and have fun with.

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