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Principal apologises over wristband ban

A PRIMARY school has backed down over a "misunderstanding" in which a pupil was ordered to remove a bushfire appeal wristband.

Grade five student Luke Bate, 10, had been told by a teacher at Seaford Park Primary to remove the yellow rubber band, which he wore as a show of support for victims of the Victoria fires tragedy.
But in a victory for common sense, principal Mark Watters last night apologised when contacted by Melbourne's Herald Sun, and said Luke could continue wearing the band.

Luke, who bought the $2 band with his own pocket money, was sent out of class by the teacher when he refused to remove it.

The school then contacted his father, Paul Bate, who said yesterday: "I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"The teacher told me Luke's wristband was against school rules, and that he was not welcome back in class until he removed it."

Mr Watters said the school, which raised $2440 for fire victims last month, would never say a student could not wear a bushfire wristband.

"The teacher at the time did not realise it was a bushfire wristband. We apologise for that misunderstanding, it was an oversight," he said.

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