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Math Learning Games made fun

math learning gamesWhat if maths was fun? What if there were math learning games that kids enjoyed doing, that acted as a reward system and that was so good dozens of schools employed them? There is such a thing and it’s called Multibandz. The concept is quite simple – and it’s surprisingly cheap. Multibandz is a math learning game that builds your child’s skills. Each band has a times table – from 1 through 12 - and the child can refer to the band on their hand until they master that particular multiplication skill.

As the Professional Learning Board says, “One way of developing a skill is to make it a stored routine in the students’ system. As a skill is practiced or rehearsed over days and weeks, the activity becomes easier and easier while naturally forcing the skill to a subconscious level where it becomes permanently stored for recall and habitual use at any time.” That’s the principal behind Multibandz; repetition, encouraged over days and weeks.

If you’re a school call us to enquire about a bulk discount. If you’re a parent who wants their child to learn their times tables in a fun way, make math learning games the way you get your child comfortable with their times tables.

Multibandz Math Learning Games

Our Multibandz can take exposure to all climates and the silicone we use stands up to every test. It’s safe to wear, soft yet tough and won’t snag awkwardly. The bright, primary colours are fun for children to wear and keep drawing the child’s attention back to their times tables.

Make Learning Maths Easy!

Education has never been so much fun with Handband's new Multibandz wristbands they can also learn at the same time.Multibandz math learning games

Educate your children with these brightly coloured skinny wristbands printed with the multiplications times table.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3  .....

  1. Give your kids one band at a time, starting with the x1 table.  As they learn each table, reward them with the next times table wristband.
  2. When they reach the x11 table, reward them with silver and then finally with the x12 table, they are rewarded with GOLD.  GO FOR GOLD!
  3. Don't forget, the x6, x7, x8, x9 and x10 table wristbands GLOW-IN THE-DARK.  An extra reward for learning the first x5 tables.  YEAH!

Give your children plenty of encouragement as they learn each new times table.  And don't forget to have fun!

Contact us at Handband and we'll show you how parents use multibandz to create a fun learning environment for their child. Dozens of schools already use them in their primary program because they utilise the principles of stored routine to firmly encode the times tables in their brains.

Contents:  Inside each 12 pack, you will receive 12 wristbands, with multiplation tables x1 to x12.

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