I Love Rhino: The Power of Wristbands

Most eleven-year-old birthday parties are a little different than the one hosted by Jules Murray. While most youngsters are inviting friends over for jelly and ice cream, Jules was amassing a team of artists, ready to help save Africa’s endangered rhinos.

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Jules is a South African living in Hong Kong, but her wristband-based fundraising campaign is already making waves as far afield as Australia. Her fundraising activities began when she brought her schoolyard chums together to paint portraits to auction off to raise proceeds for endangered African rhinos.

The young girl’s fundraising efforts secured 30,000 South African Rand for the Chipembere Rhino Foundation, the equivalent of over $2600. However, this was not the end of Jules’ fundraising exploits on behalf of her beloved animal.

Two years ago, Jules returned to her home country of South Africa to continue her charity work. She recognised the plight of the black rhinoceros, which – thanks to poaching and other detrimental actions from humans – number only 5000 in the whole world. In order to raise awareness and money for her cause, Jules turned to wristbands.

She set about producing wristbands, first for her local community in Grahamstown and then in Australia. In Australia, the wristbands are produced in the colours of local schools and emblazoned with the slogan “I Love Rhino.” The efforts of her fundraising campaign work alongside similar campaigns in which rhino accessories have been sold in New Zealand, Hong Kong, and throughout Asia.

The wristbands have contributed to substantial funds for the foundation, and have gone a considerable way to safeguarding the future of these majestic, threatened creatures. They also show how wristbands can be used to raise awareness and to promote a cause, and here’s why.

Wristbands Are Simple and Easy to Produce

While other methods of raising awareness require extensive capital outlay and a professional design campaign, wristbands can be produced cheaply and easily. It is this element that makes them ideal for use with this kind of fundraising campaign, as they do not divert funds from the actual cause.

Handband can help you to create bespoke designs for any fundraising campaigns that you have in mind; designs which will raise awareness for your cause as well as giving you the potential to develop the right kind of financial base for its success.

Wristbands Help You to Spread the Word

There’s no denying it, people love wristbands, which makes them perfect for your charitable cause. A lot of stock is placed in things that go viral these days, and wristbands can help your cause achieve the offline equivalent of virality, as Jules’ campaign has shown.

Jules used wristbands in school colours, making them instantly appealing to students of young ages. Spreading awareness through this demographic helps to raise the profile of your campaign more quickly while also helping to clue-in a younger generation and to set the ball rolling for a more positive future.

Wristbands Really Work

If Jules’ campaigns have proved anything, it is that the power of the wristband – as well as inventiveness and an innovative spirit – are instrumental to an effective fundraising campaign. These simple yet incredibly useful accessories help to build momentum behind a cause, and give it the impetus to really succeed.

The campaign run by Jules has also shown that big trees grow from small roots. What began as a simple get together between friends to celebrate a birthday has led to the lives of African rhinos being saved. This is no small feat.

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If you want to find out more about Jules' amazing work, have a read here: http://www.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/western-cape/meet-jules-the-15-year-old-who-is-saving-rhinos-2034246

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