How Wristbands Can Make Your School Event or Fundraiser Really Shine

Handband has continued to provide high quality wristbands to schools for over ten years. Since 2004, schools have enthusiastically chosen us as a direct source for a variety of school and education-related purposes. We’ve had schools use wristbands for all of the following (and more):

  • Fundraising Tools
  • Awareness Initiatives
  • Attention-Grabbing Accessories for School Events
  • Participation/Motivation/Reward Tokens for Students

Part of the advantage of silicone bracelets from Handband is their longevity and robustness in manufacturing quality. Bands are often worn by students, parents and faculty for months at a time – even years in some cases. Because of this versatility and strength, these small tools can serve as major communicators for all sorts of school activities and purposes.

Are you looking for a solution to advertise, raise awareness, promote or connect your students to an event or fundraiser? No matter the specifics, Handband has a wristband solution that will fit your needs.

Types of Bracelets for Schools


wristbandsSchools and educational institutions have 2 highly popular options for wristbands from Handband:

1. Custom Colour Wristbands (from 50)

One of the most popular options available on our site, our custom wristbands offer an impressive range of selections for your orders of 50 or more. Our colourful wristbands can carry any message you may need – while making whatever you're saying loud and clear for your audience.

These bracelets are perfectly appropriate for fundraisers, reward campaigns, club memberships, field trips, awareness campaigns and all sorts of other uses. No matter your school colours, event details or specialised needs, you can find a combination that directly matches exactly what you’re looking for.

Customisation options include all the following:

  • 2 Text Areas to Convey Your Message Loud and Clear
  • Multiple Fonts to Find the Perfect Style
  • Practically Every Colour Available for Wristbands and Fonts
  • Multiple Sizing Options for All Age Levels of Students
  • Optional Logo or Custom Artwork Placement

2. Custom Classic Wristbands (from 7)

Are you ready to distinguish yourself from the crowd and really showcase your message? Our debossed silicone wristbands are the perfect way to get that message out – and really make a direct impact.

These high quality, customised silicone bracelets offer all the same colour, text and artwork/logo variations mentioned above. This means you can create the custom wristbands perfect for any school event, function or fundraiser.

Even better, these options feature our colour infill technology for even more emphasis. This colour infill is available for your logo, artwork or even on the text itself. This will make your message stand out and be heard even more directly.

Best of all, these options showcase our lowest minimum order quantity. You can order as few as 7 quality wristbands, making these a great choice for smaller-scale fundraisers or school events. However, we also offer major discounts on larger-scale orders. You can save up to 95% off our base rates with higher volume orders!

Other Popular School Options

In addition to our customisable colour wristbands, Handband also brings you several other great options perfect for your school-related objectives.

Multibandz wristbandsFor students learning multiplication, our Multibandz are a perfect way to help encourage learning – and reinforce learning outcomes. These smaller-width silicone wristbands list multiplication tables from 1 to 12 – with 1 times table on each band. As children learn and master each number’s multiplication table, they can be rewarded with additional bands.

Much like our other products, these bands feature high quality silicone construction with easy-to-read times tables for children. Students will love to wear and show off these bracelets – and continue practising to master their multiplication. It’s a perfect way to excite students about learning while reinforcing great learning and study habits along the way.

  • Using Wristbands for IDs and After Hours Care

wristbands OOSHAnother frequent use of Handband wristbands is providing a simple and convenient means of identification within school settings. One example of this is for a school’s OSH after school care.

During after school care, it’s important to have a straightforward method to keep track of exactly where students are supposed to be. In many cases, all it takes is a simple wristband to help achieve this objective. Many schools place the name and phone number of the school on these bands. That way, there’s no question where a student should be during his/her after school care.

say no to bullying wristbands

Let the world know that your school – and your students – aren’t going to tolerate bullying any longer. Our latest line of bracelets are a great way to bring this issue out in the open. And they’re available right here at Handband.

Bullying continues to be a worldwide problem in all school levels. Even here in Australia, countless students have been victimised by bullying. The negative effects of this type of behaviour go far beyond physical violence or intimidation. Anxiety, emotional distress and other psychological issues are also extremely common to victims of bullying.

Handband's Say No to Bullying Bracelets showcase solidarity in your support to fight against the bullying issue affecting our schools. These are perfect for events to raise awareness about bullying and how to put a stop to it. They can also be customised to add your school name, event or additional artwork for fundraisers or assemblies.

Handband Silicone Bracelets: Your Education Solution


With a high level of customisation and volume discounts, we make it easy for you to bring premium quality solutions for your school pride event, fundraiser or anything in between. We also offer an impressive variety of other related products including blank Tyvek ID bracelets, silicone dog tags, keychain wristbands and more.

Visit our Handband today at handbands to check out how easy it is to customise your products and conveniently place your order online. Our Volume Discount program and Low Price Guarantee mean you’ll get the best prices in Australia for all the products you need. And with fast shipping at low rates, there’s no need to wait around to get high quality silicone bracelets for your school.

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