Black Wristbands Made by Handband

Black WristbandsSupporting the All Black's World Cup bid could see five Timaru Boys High School students pay for their university studies with $43,000 in their back pockets.

The year 13 boys think they have come up with a winner and have developed a black wrist band dubbed Blackattack in support of the All Blacks as part of their school's Young Enterprise Scheme. They have already negotiated a contract with the New Zealand Rugby Football Union and are licensed to sell and market the black bands (Black Wristbands manufactured and supplied by Handband) nationally, and already negotiating with seven nationwide suppliers to sell and distribute the product.

The group Studicom Solutions expected to sell around 250,000 of the black wristbands at $3 each, which would see each member walk away with $43,000, member Ben Grant said.

"We are pretty confident we will sell the lot.

"We initially sent an information pack to the rugby union and then rang them after we didn't hear from them. They asked us to send them a proposal which they agreed to."

The group hope they have scheduled payments so that they do not stand to lose any money if the idea does not come off.

"We have only had a few samples made up and will order the bands once we have received orders," group member Phillip Watson said.

"We thought about what you could get to support the All Blacks during the World Cup. You can buy a jersey for $150 but this way you can buy a band for only $3 and be supporting the team.

"Hopefully we won't have to go into overdraft if payments are late, we might have to go to ASB (enterprise sponsor) for a loan."

This was the second project for the boys, according to Thomas Mitchell. "At the start of the year we made student ID cards, and the money we made from that we have used to get the sample blackbands and start this project. So far we have not had to put any of our own money in."

Ben, Thomas, Phillip, Sam Naylor and Nic Dobbs had already lined up a pencil date with Campbell Live, if BlackAttack took off.

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