Price Guarantee

Found a lower price? We'll beat it by 5%.

Should you find a lower price on orders of less than 2,500 debossed silicone wristbands, Handband® will beat it by 5%. If we cannot beat the price, the order is free! Call a member of the Handband Team to obtain your discount. We do need to see the 'proof' such as competitor pricing or documentation for this guarantee to apply. For example, written quotes or published internet pricing.

Not custom orders though. Handbands Lowest Price Guarantee does not apply to optional custom processes, color-infilled, multi-colour, laser-etched, screen printed, or colour swirled and striped wristbands.

Are all 'extras' included? When comparing prices, don't forget to include any extra fees, shipping costs, and taxes that competitors charge. In other words,. Compare total prices please.

For example if a wristband company offers 2,500 wristbands at $0.70 (incl. taxes) and charges a $300 setup fee and $200 for shipping, the Handband® guarantee relates to the total price. In this instance, the actual per wristband price is $0.90 (incl. taxes).

This guarantee is only applicable on new orders. Discounts don't apply to previous orders of wristbands. If you think you've found a lower price, contact us first before placing an order so we can assess the total price. A discount code will then be issued if appropriate and you can enter the discount code in the area on the order payment page.

Bear in mind we will also need to take account of international exchange rates at that time.

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