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Largest range of 2U in 24 in one place!

Need something as soon as possible? We can help with a big range of standard messages in a variety of wristband types and colours. Check out the wide range and selection of products we can put in the post within 24 hours down below! We can supply quantities of up to 5,00 and use Express Courier to get them there.


So your event is in just a matter of days and someone's forgotten to order the silicone wristbands or the Tyvek wristbands or promotional goodies that will stock a 'showbag' of some sort? No problem. We've all been there. Our provided solution is quite simple. We have a '2 U in 24' selection of wristbands and promotional products and Tyvek bracelets in a wide range of designs and colours with many different messages. Chances are we will have something ideal for your event or program.


Have a quick look at our wide selection of products on our website! If you want something very specific, give us a call and we'll do our best to help out! 



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2U in 24
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