Speedy Delivery

We work hard to get your goods to you as fast as possible. If you select express shipping, you'll get your Handbands in 10-12 business days or less. If your order does not arrive on time, your shipping is free.

But: orders outside of Australia are not eligible for the on-time shipping guarantee and the free shipping guarantee only applies to express shipping. It does not apply to standard shipping.

Guaranteed express delivery doesn't apply to non-standard orders such as colour-infill, colour swirl and colour stripes because these require extended production times.

Eligibility for the free shipping does not apply if your delivery address is a PO or DX box, or if the shipping area is outside of the express shipping zones.  Our freight companies are unable to deliver to these addresses via express.

We assume that you have given the correct delivery address to us and you're available to receive the wristbands when our freight company attempts delivery. Handband® will not reimburse shipping costs should 10 business days delivery be exceeded, because you are not available when our delivery company attempts delivery.

The shipping guarantee assumes that payment and artwork are verified the same day the order is placed. If payment and artwork are not verified the same day, then the shipping guarantee starts from the day both payment and artwork verification are received.

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