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Like every school you’re probably exhausted by the constant need to fund raise for this or that. How about a very easy fundraising program idea that takes little organisation and that children enjoy?


Want to raise funds in the easiest way possible for your school? Do you have an event coming up that is worthy of commemoration? Do you want simple and effective rewards for students? The possibilities are endless with handbands.


Our collection of in-stock wristbands has all manner of inspirational messages and some great all-round messages (like our anti-bullying bands). You can buy off the shelf and on-sell to the children, or you have the opportunity to customise any quantity of bands to suit whatever message your school wants to deliver.


The kids love them, they’re fun to wear, they’re made of super-tough silicone yet don’t catch or snap.


Inspire students. Recognise an event. Reward achievement. The choice is yours, the possibilities are endless.

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