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Design & buy wristbands & lanyards for any event

Wristbands are a really quick way to get attention for your message - particularly if you're one of many stands at an industry event. They stand out and they draw people in. Once you’ve had a brief conversation with someone you can say ‘thanks’ with a pick up gift of a wristband in a range of colours or messages.

Choose your colour and choose the message or messages that suit. The wristbands come in all manner of design and sizes and the messages are entirely up to you. (Our customising service takes a few days so leave yourself enough time.)

They're quick, fun and easy to slip onto someone's wrist. Most people love wearing them and they’ll last for weeks and months on someone’s hand. At worst, a child becomes the happy recipient and they become your walking billboard for months on end!

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Set Descending Direction
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