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Largest range of EVENTS 2U in 24 Wristbands in one place!

Are you the controlling sort? Do you need to be the controlling sort for your event?

Good! We have the perfect solution to make sure your event goes according to plan. Customise our silicone wristbands for your event or choose from the ready-made options below. The range of colours and materials is enormous and we can make sure it’s personalised to suit. Order your message or logo on bands in the same colour, or multiple colours (to differentiate between participants, for example).

Whether you’re running a charity race event or have invited guests in an environment where an element of security is required, our silicone or Tyvek wristband solutions give you control at a glance.

Security staff and crowd control people, servers and event organisers can see immediately who is what and where they should be. Our wristband event control products are personalisable and come in a huge range of colours and product styles. Stand out and stay in control!

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