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How did you learn your times tables? Chances are it was sheer repetition, banging out 2 x 2s are 4, 2 x 3s are 6 and so on. I can still hear the monotone bass cadence of our class doing for ten minutes every morning.


But it worked.


Repetition. And that’s what Multibandz times table helpers are all about. It’s learning maths made easy. Multibandz is a series of times tables bands that enable children to learn their times tables off by heart. Each band is dedicated to a single number’s multiplication up to 12. They go on your child’s wrist and it makes it easy for them to simply read off their wrist – do that for ten minutes every day for a week and chances are you have a child who can repeat (years down the track) their times tables!


It’s not magic. It’s just maths times tables the way you learned them. Give them out as a reward, use them as an aide memoire. The secret to multibandz is that children enjoy collecting them and love wearing them - making it easy to memorise their times tables with good old fashioned repetition.

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