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Looking for something to promote your brand thats eyecatching, long-lasting, and yet still hangs around months later? Our silicone promotional and business branding products are the answer, as not only are they bright and fun, easy to use and comfortable to wear, they are also hard-wearing, non-toxic and super safe for everyone.

Our silicone wristbands, silicone dogtags, silicone gogo watches, phone cases and more are made from high quality, high tensile silicone that is tough, durable and good looking, yet soft to wear. It doesn't catch on sharp edges, won't hurt if the wearer falls and doesn't fade or look tatty after awhile. Our silicone promotional and business branding are perfect as give aways as they are items that your customers can and will use months and years later. If you're a business looking for promotional ideas, check our range out now - the choice of colours, shapes, sizes, and the ability to personalize your logo and message is second to none. If you're a charity who wants a cheap but effective way to get a strong branding message out there, call us today. If you're a business or charity who has an event coming up and wants an effective way to brand your event or advertise your occasion with sticky marketing techniques, call us. 

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