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Tyvek paper wristbands will make your next event rock!  Tyvek is like 'plastic paper' - easily printable with a full colour representation of your logo, company event, school event name and logo. And once it's on, it's difficult to get off (no transferring for inappropriate reasons here!). They’re ideal for whatever one-off event you’re running. The different colours and the ability to customise a message on the band gives you complete flexibility over the safety and security of your event.


Different colours can represent different needs. The choice is yours. It's ideal for a large school event or a custom event where school children are in a public venue (at a sports carnival for example).  If you have large numbers of people at your next event, then Handband printed tyvek paper wristbands are the first item you need to enusre that your party or event is well organised and secure.  Tyvek paper wristbands - the perfect party wristband and available in ANY number of colours.


Tyvek printable wristbands give you peace at mind at your event. They give you the ability to segregate patrons within a larger framework (for example a corporate event within the larger city-2-surf event) with a quick and easy way for your security and hospitality staff to recognise legitimate invitees.


Our bulk quantity costs are very cheap and the personalisation takes just a couple of days. Call us if you’re in a rush and we’ll do our best to make it happen for you.

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Tyvek Paper Wristbands
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