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What do you need to do? We have promotional products in high-grade silicone. We have wristbands also made of high grade silicone and we have all sorts of wristbands for charity messages and even health uses.


Our silicone promotional products and our charity or fundraising silicone products are durable yet inexpensive. They’re easy to order and they’ll get your message across in a way that marketing people call ‘sticky’ – because it stays around.


You can personalize much of the range and the color choices are endless (well, they seem that way to us!). You can choose a color that fits with your corporate colors, you can choose all sorts of sizes and finishes and you choose large or small quantities.


We’re very flexible – just like our silicone wristband and promotional product range. We make ordering easy and we make your marketing choices simple and effective. 

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  1. binder band bands handband handbands hand band bands silicone business office organisation custom make design your own

    Note book band

    US$ 1.00

  2. Silicone iphone case

    Silicone iphone case

    FromUS$ 1.10

  3. custom lunch box

    custom lunch box

    FromUS$ 5.00

  4. Multibandz™ 25 pack
  5. Multibandz by Handband 50 pack
  6. Multibandz™ 100 pack
  7. PHAT 1 inch custom silicone wristband

    PHAT 1inch Wristband

    FromUS$ 0.37

Set Descending Direction
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