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The constant battle to get kids to pay attention to the ideals you want within the school and causes you promote within the learning environment just got easier!


It’s no secret; competing with all things electronica for kids’ attention is hard work. You need cute. You need cool. You need easy but not stupid, indestructible but not dangerous. The answer is Handbands. Our silicone promotional wristbands made from tough, durable, food-grade silicone. They don’t break, they don’t catch and they don’t hurt if they snag on something. You can personalise any message you like (anti-bullying for example) and they come in a range of widths and colours so they’ll stand out when you need them to.


It’s an easy way to develop interest and awareness. They can carry the school motto or just promote an important message. Importantly, kids like them. They collect them, play with them and happily keep wearing them for months on end.

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    Multibandz™ 100 pack

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    Blah Bands Bundle

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