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Fundraising is hard. There are never-ending calls on our limited budgets and charities and fundraising groups need great marketing solutions that do the job of getting and sustaining attention for the cause.

We think our custom silicone wristband fundraising products are the answer. They come in a great range of colours. They're inexpensive and they stick around - on people's wrists and at home - for months on end. You can personalise much of the range with a message and corporate logo and we're very flexible with the quantities you need to order. When it comes to fundraising on a budget, Handband's custom rubber wristbands and plastic bracelets are a great promotional product that really works. The silicone we use is of the highest grade, yet tough and durable. If you want a great promotional solution for your business or your charity then speak to the Handband team. We can show you what other companies and charities have done so you can come up with your own unique marketing, promotional and fundraising ideas.

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    PHAT 1inch Wristband

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