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The list of things you can use our silicone products for is endless.


Companies use promotional silicone wristbands to print a message and / or logo on to then give to clients at various functions or events. Charities use our silicone wristbands to promote a cause and promote awareness of a participation event. Schools use our handbands as a reward structure for young students – kids love collecting the different colours. Some schools use them to reinforce a particular message they’re in favour of – anti-bullying for example. We have swim school clients who use them as a reward for students achieving a certain level in their swimming.


The list is endless and the only limit is your imagination. The real key to silicone is its ability to stay around for a long time – which means your message stays around for a long time (sticky marketing as the advertising people call it) too. If you are a charitable organisation wanting to promote an event or cause or a company or school with a message and brand you want to get out there and keep out there then Handband silicone promotional products are ideal. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help with ideas and suggestions.

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  1. binder band bands handband handbands hand band bands silicone business office organisation custom make design your own

    Note book band

    NZ$ 1.30

  2. Silicone iphone case

    Silicone iphone case

    FromNZ$ 1.43

  3. custom lunch box

    custom lunch box

    FromNZ$ 6.50

  4. Multibandz™ 25 pack
  5. Multibandz by Handband 50 pack
  6. Multibandz™ 100 pack

    Multibandz™ 100 pack

    NZ$ 1,007.50

  7. PHAT 1 inch custom silicone wristband

    PHAT 1inch Wristband

    FromNZ$ 0.48

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