There's a big plus in sourcing the best possible raw materials for your product's manufacture. It means you invariably pass the battery of tests that your quality control procedures insist upon.

We stretch stuff, we pull it into different configurations, we throw it around and we rub, rub, rub that printing. We snag our wrist bands against metal desks. We poke them with sharp things (like we imagine 14 year old boys are wont to do). We bash it and scrunch it up. All in a good cause of course, because if you're a charity or a company wishing to promote your cause or brand you don't want our wristbands failing within days. Their benefit of course lies in the fact that our handbands stay on wrists for a long time.

It may cost a little more to source such materials but we think the payoff lies in our reputation and the consistently high customer service ranking we achieve. High quality, high tensile silicone goes into every product we sell. Our print dyes come from ISO9001-2000 accredited companies. Our manufacturing processes have been painstakingly developed and we weed out unacceptable quality with comprehensive stress testing. And finally, every product undergoes the hardest test of all.


If you have a problem with the quality of the products we provide, we want to know about it.  Please contact us immediately with any concerns at support@handband.com.au

We work hard to deliver the best product we can, from the high tech software systems that take your order, to the raw materials we source and the manufacturing processes we use. The end result is something we stand by.

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