We love working with new people and we're happy to hear what you want to do - and work to make it happen.

Multibandz - originally designed to help children who struggled with maths to wear something that acted as a mnemonic assist.

Gogo watches - a great idea designed to go into event showbags to aid in name recognition for brands.

Cause awareness wristbands - a hugely popular idea which we posed first to a major charity. The success of the original wristbands, which adults and children alike wore for months, in promoting the ongoing cause soon meant many others followed suit. The result today is that many people happily and proudly raise awareness of a charity or an event by wearing a wristband with the name and logo of the event on it.  From promotional items such as silicone wristbands, fabric wristbands, lanyards & dog tags to event wristbands and cause related marketing, we have you covered.

IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA... we can bring it to life!

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