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Largest range of SCHOOLS Medical ID in one place!

If you have a medical condition that might need emergency care, or even knowledge of a condition from treating medical professionals then medical id bracelets and wristbands are the answer.


Does a child under your care have a medical condition? When they’re at school quick action from someone who understands the medical condition they’re dealing with can make all the difference.


A medical id bracelet alerts all staff to the individual needs of the student - enabling a fast response if required. In the case of asthma or anaphylactic shock a quick reaction can make all the difference.


Quick action is the secret to survival. Keep several on hand for a variety of conditions and you'll be ready for that day when the child may have forgotten their own. If you or the people you love have an allergic reaction to something or an illness that requires assistance then visit our Mediband site for a huge range of almost medical condition bracelets. Your forethought could save a life.


See our sister site at Mediband for medical alert id bracelets & wristbands.

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