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Dog tags are one of those fun products that also make life easy! They look good and carry a message – whether that’s a marketing message or a simple identification tool for smaller children.


They’re ideal, for example, if you take your young children to the occasional large crowd event. As a protective mechanism for security people you can include the child’s name and your phone number on the dog tag. Should the child get separated from you, event security has a way of contacting you.


As a promotional item dog tags are a fun giveaway for an event. You can include a logo or an inspirational message plus there’s room for all sorts of other details.


Our silicone products - from dogtags to gogo watches, handbands and more - are made from high quality, high tensile silicone that is tough, durable and good looking, yet soft to wear. It doesn't catch on sharp edges, won't hurt if the wearer falls and doesn't fade or look tatty after a while. 

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