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Do you have a special event coming up? An anniversary of some sort? Or a special day on the school calender? Maybe you need to promote and brand your products or company? Celebrate with our customized promotional products, custom wristbands and other fun items! We can customize a special message onto any of the products we sell to suit your brand or event. Our customized promotional products are hardy, people love them, and they're a lasting reminder of the event. Be sure to give us enough notice as customized product production time can take between 10-14 days!


Inspire your students. Recognise an event. Reward an achievement. Promote your brand. The choice is yours, the possibilities are endless. 


Our silicone products - from dog tags to silicone wristbands anre more- are made from high quality, high tensile silicone that is tough, durable and good looking, yet soft to wear. It doesn't catch on shartp edges, won't hurt if the wearer falls and doesn't fade or look tatty after awhile.


You choose to buy our promotional products ready made off the shelf and on-sell to your group, or you can choose the opportunity to customize any quantity of wristbands, lanyards and other promotional products to suit whatever message your organization or event wants to deliver. 


Call us today to discuss our available options for custom promotional products and personalized marketing solutions to promote your brand or create a fun keepsake for your event!

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Handband has the perfect CUSTOMISED for your CUSTOMISED requirements at the best prices. Check out Handband's largest range of Custom Silicone Wristbands, Tyvek bracelets | Promotional Products today! For the best price and fastest shipping, shop at Handband for CUSTOMISED. Quality guaranteed. Since 2004. Shop Now at Handband!
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