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Handband Offers Silicone Moulding for Several Different Applications

When people think of Handband, they usually think of silicone wristbands. However, Handband does so much more than wristbands. You can buy several silicone products for consumer and industrial uses all in one convenient spot. So, if you're curious about all Handband offers, read on.

Handband for Industrial Use 

The industrial sector can be dangerous. This is why it's so important to have high-quality silicone products on hand. They can help to increase visibility and also improve the safety of your workers. 

  • Silicone Rings- Bottle testing is a huge part of many manufacturing applications. However, visibility can be difficult. This is where Handband comes in. We offer silicone rings that slip around the bottle testing machinery to make them easier to see. 
  • GPS Protective Covers -GPS mining vehicle trackers can be an expensive investment and a time-consuming process. They have to survive a variety of conditions and environmental factors. But, we have a solution because we make GPS protective covers out of silicone. This is a durable and flexible covering. We design it to fit snugly to your GPS tracker, and it'll keep it safe from the environment. Additionally, it'll keep it working in top shape. 
  • Specialty Mouldings -At Handband, we're able to make specialty mouldings. If you have an odd-shaped item or equipment that needs a cover, we can help.  We'll make you a specially moulded silicone cover to keep your item in top shape. Since it's made just for the item, you know it'll fit snugly. 
  • Casings -We offer a variety of casings for big and small machinery, tools and parts. If we don't have it in stock, we can make it fit your needs. You can also choose your colour and size, and we'll make your casings quickly and efficiently. 

Handband for Consumer Use 

We also have a line of silicone products for consumer use as well. If we don't have it, we can make it, and we want you to contact us with your suggestions. 

  • KeepCup Sleeves -Keeping your beverage warm in your KeepCup is essential. However, your cup might get too warm to handle comfortably. We specially design silicone KeepCup sleeves to solve this problem. Additionally, you can buy them in several fun colours or designs, and they help you keep a firm grip on your cup. 
  • Nail Polish Lids -Have you ever tried to open your nail polish bottle only to find it stuck? Silicone nail polish lids slide right over the original lid to give you a better grip. You'll be able to open your nail polish lids with ease with Handband's nail polish lids. 
  • Product Binders -When you get product binders, you want them to last. Traditional plastic binders break down quickly. However, our silicone product binders can withstand heavy use without a problem. They won't chip, crack or wear out with repeated use, and you can customise your colours as well. 
  • Custom Mouldings -Do you have an idea for a silicone product for consumer use? Perhaps you want a case for a specific item. Either way, we want to hear it. We can make you a custom moulding, all you need do is contact us and ask. 

Satisfied Customers 

Handband has a long history of satisfying customers with our silicone products. One customer recently said: 

Treasury Wine Estates: "Thanks for all of your help with solving our problems here at TWE. We have taken delivery of our bands and so far the use and visibility in our machines is awesome. Look forward to doing business in the future". 

We want you to experience our silicone products for yourself. Contact us today by emailing info@handband.com.au or call 1300-368-980. We look forward to answering your questions and introducing you to our wide range of silicone products! 

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