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Largest range of PRODUCTS Industrial & Consumer Silicone in one place!

Did you know that Handband isn't only known for making silicone wristbands? That's right, Handband also makes silicone products for use in industrial and consumer applications.  Handband has made the following industrial and consumer silicone products for use in manufacturing, retail, mining and other industries:  Silicone KeepCup sleeves, nail-polish lids, casings, protection covers for GPS mining vehicle trackers, silicone rings for bottle testing during manufacturing, retail product binders, the list goes on and on.  Handband can create just about anything out of silicone. 

Got a mould you want us to make or a specific shape or contraption?  You've come to the right place.  Just don't ask us what the correct spelling of mould or mold is!  They're both correct.  Just depends on which country you're in!

For all your silicone moulding requirements, contact Handband today on 1300 368 980, or email info@handband.com.au

Handband has the perfect PRODUCTS Industrial & Consumer Silicone for your Industrial & Consumer Silicone requirements at the best prices. Check out Handband's largest range of Industrial & Consumer Silicone today! For the best price and fastest shipping, shop at Handband for PRODUCTS Industrial & Consumer Silicone. Quality guaranteed. Since 2004. Shop Now at Handband!
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