A better mousetrap

As the old saying goes, "Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door."

Just to clarify, we don't build mousetraps... but we do make all manner of promotional and silicone based products, not just wrist bands. For example we make watches that children love to receive in party bags, we make times table bands that hundreds of schools around the world use to enhance their children's understanding of maths, we supply event management tyvek bands, we make coffee cup rings and nail polish bottle caps that companies and organisations use to promote their brand or cause ... the list goes on.

The point is, is you have an idea for a great product, whether it be a promotional item or an adaptation of something produced with a different material, or even a silicone mousetrap, we want to hear about it and help you build it. We have the experience you need, the high tech manufacturing capability and the marketing knowhow to create promotional and silicone products that sell all over the world.

If you are a charity with an idea or a business with a new promotional strategy that you'd like to use wristbands for, or you just want to get your message out in any form of silicone and promotional wearable product, we'd also like to hear from you. Ideas are good.  Ideas that work are better.

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