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Design & buy wristbands & lanyards for any event

If you have a cause, we have an idea - literally thousands of them - that will keep your cause or event top of mind for all your participants. A custom wristband makes for a great identifier, it's a charming reward and reminder of participation. Our wristbands are able to be personalised with a snappy phrase and logo to make it unique.

We can offer colours that are close to your corporate branding guidelines and we can deal in quantities large and small with no problem. The beauty of a promotional wristband for your charity is that they're easy to transport in bulk, they're easy and quick to giveaway and people know exactly what to do with them instantly. A charity silicone wristband offers a sticky way to keep your name and message in the public eye and people will often wear them for weeks and months at a time.

Talk to our consultants about how other major fundraising groups use our silicone wristbands. We can guide you in the best way to get your message across. Wristbands used for charity purposes are attention-getting, affordable and a great way to get your message across.

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