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Design & buy wristbands & lanyards for any event

So your event is in just a matter of days and it's time to panic. We understand, so here's our '2 U in 24' selection.  Generally, we can supply up to 5,000 and send via Express Courier. We don’t blame you for leaving it until the last minute – life always gets in the way, but we are proud of our solution.

Fortunately there’s a vast array of already-personalised wristbands. Check the selections below to see if we’ve got something that will suit your event. Sometimes all you need is just a great memento of the event. Sometimes your corporate colours (or a close approximation) will get your message across and remind people who sponsored the event. Sometimes a ‘showbag’ of goodies of all sorts of handy freebies, including some of our Handband silicone event promotional products is enough to excite and entertain event goers.

The choice is yours, but the selection we have is pretty large so don’t delay any longer! Have a look below now and choose the promotional giveaway items that will help make your event the huge success it should be!

2U in 24
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