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An out of control event is a scary thing! Just ask any organiser.

If you are responsible for running and promoting an event make sure you keep it under control with Tyvek wristbands or customised silicone wristbands. They're the perfect way to control access to an event or graduated access to various levels of food or drink allowance.

For example, you may require access to VIP areas within the event. Use a Tyvek wristband in a specific colour with 'VIP' customised across the face. This lets security staff see at a glance who is allowed access and who is not.

Silicone wristbands can act as a guide for serving staff. Tyvek wristbands can do the same thing. Staff can see quickly who is allowed into the event and who is entitled to what.

You can also customise both the silicone wristbands and the Tyvek bands. Put a company logo or message on each and you hey presto - control!

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