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Tyvek wristbands are the perfect product to ensure safety of your event participants.  Are you holding an event where you want a degree of permission security? Are you holding an event in a venue where you need to differentiate between admission or categorical levels of guest? Are you holding an event where age or other issues require your security personnel to see permission levels at a glance? 


Our Dupont Tyvek paper wristbands are your event security answer. Tyvek is like 'plastic paper' - easily printable with a full colour representation of your event name and logo, yet difficult to get off meaning no transferring whilst outside your venue. It is the ideal security measure for a large staff event or function as an easy way to identify staff from your guests, or even just to differentiate between the different categories of admission among your guests. 


Tyvek security wristbands take the heat out of quick identification. Staff can see with a glance who is appropriate for entry at what level of service. You can order multiple colours and designs, as well as personalize any message you like (within space constraints), and the pricing structure we offer is among the most competitive in Australia. Dupont products are a trusted and reliable product to protect your event and make it safe.  Printed with your brand and event details makes Handband's tyvek wristbands the ideal security token for event participants.


Contact us to further enquire and discuss available options to maximise your event's security and branding.

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