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Who uses Custom Silicone Wristbands?

Custom silicone wristbandsAs you might expect, the answers are a diverse group of organisations and people. From companies using custom silicone wristbands as promotional giveaways (they have exceptional staying power) to public service organisations wanting to make a statement that lasts not only days, but can be carried on for months and sometimes years.

The Eden Public School want to instil their school values in a lasting fashion for their new enrolees - Resilience, Respect, Responsibility. The bands stay on the kids hands and they show them off with a degree of pride to mum and dad when they get home.

The Stawell Secondary College used customised tyvek wristbands to make sure they knew who was coming and going to a large event on school grounds. That’s a very simple example of how handy handbands can be. We stock a range of tyvek bands that will help you track visitors to your event, or promote a particular message for your charity function.

Airservices Australia use custom tyvek wristbands to identify visitors to secure areas. The security issues are obvious and anyone airside without a guest or visitor wristband prominently displayed is easy to spot.  Handband custom tyvek bracelets are both inexpensive and also quick to despatch.

Custom Silicone Wristbands for Fitness!

She Fitness use silicone bands as a way of promoting their core message to women - One Day at a Time, Live your Best Life. It sticks in people's heads and provides motivation for success.

The range of uses for custom silicone wristbands is enormous. Handband wristbands can take exposure to all climates and the silicone we use stands up to every test. It’s safe to wear, soft yet tough and won’t snag awkwardly.

Contact us at Handband and we'll show you how parents use handbands custom silicone wristbands – to create a safety mechanism for kids these holidays!

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