The 5 Questions to ask before Fundraising Starts

fundraising wristbandsWe all get enthusiastic about starting an awareness campaign or fundraising for a cause close to our hearts. But many go off half-cocked and don't achieve their goals as a result. This leads to a whole lot of hard work for little return which can turn off the very people you're trying to raise funds from.  So how do you get started properly?

Fundraising Questions

There are a few questions you must answer first.

  1. What is your fundraising plan - without a plan you'll achieve little.
  2. How much fundraising do you need/want? - have a goal and be realistic, then work backwards from there.
  3. Who will do what? - don't leave tasks to chance or try to do it all yourself.  Involve others and win them over so that they will become evangelists for your cause.
  4. What are you fundraising the money for - have a very specific goal in mind (a new wheelchair for 7 kids.)
  5. When do we need the fundraising by? Too soon and you'll struggle, too far and you'll lose momentum.

If you decide on an event as your major fundraising vehicle, did you know Handbands have a party event product called Tyvek? They're an ideal way to control access to your event and they're inexpensive, single-use and quick to order. And why not give away silicone wristbands,  bracelets or promotional items to attendees to remind them of the cause?  Your customers and attendees will wear them for weeks, sometimes months afterwards, spreading your word and promoting your product and event.

Handband silicone wristbands have space for a message and logo and they're a powerful marketing tool for any fundraising efforts. Our website has lots of suggestions that will help your organisation. Contact us at Handband and we'll show you how other fundraising ventures - large and small - have successfully used handband silicone & tyvek wristbands.

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