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say no to bullying
Did you know that March 18, 2016 is National Say No to Bullying Day? The sixth annual National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence is a key component of Australia's national initiative to address and prevent violence and bullying.

As an anti-bullying event within schools, the goal is to advocate against the passive complacency of people witnessing others being bullied. Everyone is encouraged to 'take a stand together' against all bullying and violence. The push is especially important to encourage people to say no to this issue within schools.

Support of this event shows solidarity in helping everyone better understand the reasons behind bullying – and to overcome them. What better way to show your support than with a custom wristband bracelet from Handband?

Handband's comfortable and stylish Say No to Bullying wristbands come in a bright and vibrant orange with a while infill. The anti-bullying message is clear and distinct – and geared to help generate attention about the cause. That way, you can show your own support of the cause (while starting a conversation with others about it, too).

Standing Up Against the Bullying Problem

say no to bullyingAs many parents already know, bullying is still alive and well across Australian schools. A recent study determined that 25% of children and adolescents are affected by bullying - both in elementary and high school. That means 1 out of 4 children have experienced bullying in their lives!

One of the biggest problems related to bullying comes down to complacency and inaction. As another study showed, bystanders and other people are present in up to 87% of all bullying encounters! That means in an overwhelming majority of bullying situations, other people are present – and choose not to act.

The reasons for inaction are often fear, intimidation, confusion about what to do, and even the failure to realise that bullying is occurring in the first place. This type of inaction is precisely what is at the heart of Say No to Bullying Day on March 18. The goal is to help people understand that they can help put a stop to bullying – and keep our children protected.

How the National Day of Action Helps

say no to bullyingThe National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence is much more than an awareness campaign. The initiative invites schools across Australia to directly participate in a variety of events to help raise awareness of bullying.

Registered schools are also supplied with free resources such as student pocket cards and parental information cards. These cards give real advice on what to do when bullying occurs while promoting positive conversations about it.

Bullying has long been a dark secret for victims of violence. This day of support helps to bring the problem out into the light. As we all collectively learn more about bullying, we can better understand what leads to it in the first place. Through activism, positive conversations and more transparency, we can all work toward reducing or eliminating the problem altogether.

Customise Your Anti-Bullying Wristband for Your School

Say No To Bullying

If you’re looking for wristbands that show your school’s support of the anti-bullying initiative, Handband can help. Our ‘Say No to Bullying’ silicone wristbands can be customised to add your school name and other details. Even better, we offer great discounts on volume purchases to add even more value to your purchase.

Whether in schools, the playground, or anywhere in between, it’s time we all take a stand against bullying to overcome it. Show your support of this cause on National Say No to Bullying Day with your own customised silicone wristbands from Handband.

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